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Lethal mistakes at a particle physics research complex drive scientists insane, and plunge their therapist into frightening search for the truth.

Psychiatric hospital therapist, Alexandra Kraig, is haunted by her father’s disappearance. A brilliant but unstable scientist, Alex’s father railed against the hidden dangers of particle physics until he suddenly vanished during her college years. Painful memories stir when two scientists from the local particle physics complex are admitted to Alex’s ward at Sinai General, exhibiting bizarre and violent behaviors. One of men attacks her, and tells her of a dangerous experiment at the complex, one that recreates a substance not seen since the birth of the Universe. Careless mistakes have been made, he warns, mistakes that have changed him.

Those mistakes prove lethal, just as Alex discovers her closest friend, also a complex employee, developing disturbing behavior of his own. Determined to uncover the dark secrets hidden within the complex walls, Alex plunges into the mysterious world that both fascinated and tormented her father, risking her work, her sanity, and even her life. 

What they're saying--

"4.8 out of 5--Sinai Unhinged is a perfectly-paced thriller that balances gripping action and strong emotional stakes with thought-provoking questions about the very fabric of the universe." --IndieReader

"It's a page-turner that grips from the start, moves from action to inspection and back again, and proves hard to put down as extraordinary circumstances take their toll on everyone involved." --D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"A clever, intelligent nail-biter that crackles with tension...the book's strong focus on character, meticulously researched storyline, and the shrewd, nuanced plotting will keep readers turning the pages fast." --The Prairies Book Review

"Five Stars. The plot is mesmerizing, the characters genuine, and the pace is perfect. The premise of the book will draw you in, but it's the execution that will keep you invested. If you like novels that aren't afraid to go over to the dark side, keep reading."-- Readers' Favorite

One of BookAuthority's "Best New Thriller Books to Read in 2021." 
One of BookAuthority's "Best New Crime Books to Read in 2021."

CYGNUS AWARD 2022, Finalist, Chanticleer International Book Awards

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