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The Law of Attraction, Publishing and Manifesting Your Reality

I was talking to someone recently and the subject of the Law of Attraction came up. What is that? I am no expert and I’m just beginning to explore this complicated subject but, a short, basic, and, I hope, not entirely incorrect one sentence explanation is that the universe is made up of energy and energy attracts like energy, so pay careful attention to the emotions that surround any given wish.

For example, some say that anxiety and fear over a certain thing happening creates negative energy that quite possibly attracts the very thing you were trying to avoid, which can create more anxiety and fear. After all, thoughts become reality or you wouldn’t be reading any books, driving a car or holding a laptop. Someone had to have the idea first, then the passion for the vision, and then the drive and desire to take action after action until their idea became a reality. But to succeed, they had to keep their energy positive.

One of the toughest pieces of the Law of Attraction is the need to keep the energy and attitude around your goals positive, and to do that, to you need trust in the Universe and accept that things occur at their own pace, at the right time and through a method you may or may not have ever expected. And, you have to believe you’ll be okay in the meantime. That’s a hard pill to swallow when life has given you knockdown after knockdown. When desire is strong and that thought of a certain thing happening is terrifying, how can you let go of that intensity? You think, “I want to avoid this terrifying event and if I don’t worry about it, won’t that mean I really don’t care?” Worry is the mental exercise of trying to control something (that is often not controllable). Releasing worry means you possibly don’t have to suffer so deeply while you’re waiting for your answer. Yes, I know—easier said than done.

The Law of Attraction completely played a role in my obtaining a publisher for Sinai Unhinged. Before Pandamoon, I was crazy invested in getting an agent, as if that would be my Golden Ticket. One disappointment after the other, the process was grueling. Finally, I had settled on the idea that I was going to end up self-publishing this book and was going through the motions to make that happen. I had become less attached to the how and when Sinai Unhinged would be published and refocused my energy on creating a real, three-dimensional object that I, or anyone, could touch and see and read and enjoy. I had less anxiety and was no longer attached to a specific path, instead I just rested in a quiet confidence that somehow Sinai Unhinged would be. Only then did Pandamoon come along.

In a world that thrives on instant gratification, it’s hard to accept principles such as this. Sinai Unhinged illustrates the frightening consequences of too much negative energy through a kick-butt thriller. A great many authors focus on the Law of Attraction into their work; Shakti Gawain, Gary Zukov, Wayne Dyer to name a few. I encourage you to explore the subject. You never know what might manifest out of it.

Joanna Evans

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